New Opportunities.

So this will be my first blog post in the process of getting a job. It feels strange to have finished, I keep thinking I should be revising and I feel a bit lost in translation. However, the partying is due to start next week which will bring the last 4 years to a memorable end I am sure.

So, so far in my job search, I have been using the NHS jobs website. I have limited myself to jobs in my area  mainly because most posts seem to only short list for interview if you have HCPC registration (which you can’t get until you have your results).  From completing a few applications it is apparent that each trust has a different person specification. When completing applications it is vital to link to the person specification, so the recruiter knows you are suited to the trust and that you have taken the time to read through the extra bits. Each application has been different some have asked for a continuous prose in the supporting information and some have asked specific questions. It is a good idea to have a template for what you are going to write so that you can adapt specific to the trust you are applying to. With most trusts only shortlisting with HCPC registration it is worth giving them a call to see if it is appropriate for you to apply. When I have spoken to a couple of employers they have said to apply anyway because it gives you the opportunity to get feedback on your application. So far 2 trusts I have applied for have rejected my application due to not being registered but I am still waiting for one to get back to me so fingers and toes crossed.

On Wednesday I was fortunate to be listening to the Physio UK webinar on “Maximising Employment Opportunities”. The webinar had some brilliant speakers: a graduate from 2009, team leads from various trusts, Gwyn Owen professional adviser at the CSP and the chair of the CSP Helena Johnson. The speakers highlighted some useful tips in applying for jobs. Below are some of the things that stood out for me personally:

  • Network, network, network, opportunities such as Physiotherapy UK, attending CSP regional meetings or free CPD events can be a great way to open new opportunities.
  • Volunteer, if you want to gain experience in a particular area. One of the graduates highlighted how she volunteered in a mental health hospital to gain further experience, this allowed her to attend in service training and ultimately secure a job at that trust after working for a bit as a band 5.
  • Private clinics, with the new changes in the NHS do not rule out private companies, but refer to the physiotherapy framework (Which can be found through pebble pad- gateways) to ensure the right support and mentoring is provided.
  • Attend staff CPD days, contact trusts to see if it is appropriate for you to attend or keep an eye out on the CSP website for free graduate events.
  • Be concise in your applications, as recruiters have a lot to sift through so make it clear why you want to work for their trust.
  • Use the physiotherapy framework to see what you need to do to get to the next level.
  • Show case your transferable skills, give employers reasons to take you on.
  • Jobs are out there but you have to work hard to show how you deserve the post over someone else- what makes you different?
  • Speak to your personal tutors or careers team within the university.
  • Keep your expectations grounded.
  • Apply for posts you want to apply for, what will that post do for your career.

So despite my physiotherapy job situation, I have received an exciting opportunity to help a colleague organise physiotherapy CPD events. Gerard Greene from Harborne Physio approached me asking whether I would be interested in running his twitter and Facebook pages, whilst also being involved in running CPD events. I am hoping this opportunity will give me the chance to network and develop my skills whilst being out of a post. I have previously worked with Gerard on the  unemployed graduate scheme I ran in 2012 (demonstrating networking does work!!!). The scheme was set up to offer new graduates free CPD in the transition between graduation and employment, further information can be found at: .

Gerard ran one of my events looking at the use of social media as a CPD tool. I am looking forward to working with Gerard and I will update my blog with any new events. I have completed two workshops organised by Gerard in taping and respiratory and they have been invaluable in maintaining my skills as a newly qualified physiotherapist.

4 thoughts on “New Opportunities.

  1. Good Luck with the job hunt. I hope you manage to find something. As a 12 year veteran now with our own business we employ 12 PTs and OTs and love hearing from enthusiastic Physios!!

  2. Hi Lucy, this is so handy for so many of us… I am a second year student at Brunel and am already anxious about this time next year! Thanks for the tips and looking forward to following your blog!

    All the best 🙂


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